Quaint Towns in Pinellas County

Quaint Towns in Pinellas County, FL

Among the larger counties in the state of Florida, Pinellas can be crowded and hectic. I love that among the hustle and bustle, you  find quaint and eclectic beach towns filled with local shops, bars, and restaurants. Check out my favorite list of popular neighborhoods in the Pinellas area!



The village of Ozona is the very definition of eclectic—you can tell by all of the locals riding around on golf carts! With multi-million dollar mansions sitting next door to tumble-down beach shacks; Ozona is a quaint seaside village on FL’s gulf coast with a strong community presence. Ozona caters to a perfect mix of work and play that makes for a place you’re happy to call “home”.

 Holly Jean Favs:

Shop: Antiques & Uniques

Eatery: Thirsty Marlin

Happy Hour: Ozona Blue



“Delightful” Dunedin’s village-like atmosphere and relaxed lifestyle is juxtaposed against four miles of picturesque waterfront. What could beat that? The town reflects on the rich American and Scottish heritage of its founding fathers, known for hosting its annual Highland Games and Festival. The quaint downtown offers upscale and casual restaurants, plenty of bars, and boutique shops.

Holly Jean Favs:

Shop: Dunedin Fine Art Center

Eatery: Clear Sky

Happy Hour: Kelly’s Chic a Boom Room



Madeira Beach

This 3 sq mile primarily residential beach town with little or no industrial or sizable service businesses. Outside of the neighborhood, residents turn to the entertainment district John’s Pass– A breezy waterfront hub for shopping, dining and entertainment. John’s Pass has more than 100 stores and restaurants surrounded by waterfront views. If you’re looking for the quieter side of Pinellas County, this is it!

 Holly Jean Favs:

Shop: Pheeney’s Boutique

Eatery: Old Snack Shack

Happy Hour: Bamboo Beach Bar

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