3 Top Neighborhoods in Pasco County

Top Neighborhoods in Pasco CountyOK—although Pasco County may not be first to mind when searching for your dream house around the Tampa Bay area, there are many incentives to living in this area. It’s actually a hidden gem for suburban living! Compared to the rest of the country, Pasco County’s cost of living is 12.70% lower than the average! The county is filled with new housing developments, and is making a push toward plenty of shopping and entertainment options.

I’m here to share my favorite neighborhoods to help you decide which might be a perfect fit for you. Oh and P.S., if you haven’t been to the Shops at Wiregrass… they are a MUST!



Trinity is a fast-growing upscale community with a tri-county location optimal for commuters. The area consists of residential developments with moderate to higher priced single-family homes and luxury apartment complexes. If you’re looking for a quiet and simple suburban location, there is still plenty of opportunity for new home development. While you can dream up the vision of your home, I recommended that you have a realtor represent you in your transaction with the builder to avoid financial implications.

Holly Jean Fav: Fox Hollows Golf Club 

Fox Hollow Golf Club


Wesley Chapel

Just 25 miles north of Downtown Tampa, Wesley Chapel is another popular commuter area. Much of the housing stock in Wesley Chapel was built relatively recently, which can indicate that the local Wesley Chapel economy is robust. Wesley Chapel is known for it’s upscale open-air retail and entertainment plaza, the Shops at Wiregrass. Another “hooray” for shoppers; Pasco County recently approved it’s first outlet mall in the area.

 Holly Jean Fav: The Shops at Wiregrass



Land O’ Lakes

The population in Land O’ Lakes has boomed in the past 10 to 20 years, swallowing up nearby former towns such as Denham, Ehren, and Gowers Corner. New neighborhoods, shopping, and schools have been built to support the population growth, and have turned the area into a popular living destination. The Land O’ Lakes claim to fame, Dupree Gardens, was one of Florida’s very first tourist attractions as a private botanical garden—it’s now a historical marker!

Holly Jean Fav: Dupree Gardens



Whether you’re searching for the perfect home or looking to build, I’m here to serve! Let me know what I can do for you. I live here, I know here!

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7 thoughts on “3 Top Neighborhoods in Pasco County”

  1. When my friends who have migrated to Florida talk about their gated communities in Del Ray, Boynton & the like, I can say I know a bit about Tampa & it looks exciting, dynamic & inviting, thanks to you.

  2. Of the three you mention, I’ve been to Wesley Chapel. Beautiful area. But now I have to put Land O’ Lakes and Dupree Gardens on my must-see list. I’m a sucker for gardens and history…and the two together? Dyn-o-mite!

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