Unemployment Rates Doing Well In Tampa Area

Many of my previous posts have highlighted what a great place that Tampa is for businesses, employees and families. Now there’s even another reason to consider calling Tampa home: unemployment rates have fallen to 5.9% in the Tampa Bay metro area.

We all know that across the country, it’s been a tough several years for unemployment. And the unemployment rate is an important consideration when you’re deciding where to take your business. A high unemployment rate is an indicator of a faltering local economy. And the implications for your business can be huge: when people are worried about their job or the current job market, they’re less likely to spend money on the goods and services that you provide.

Tampa’s low unemployment is great news for everyone: for the city, it means that residents and companies that currently live here are using their spending power to support Tampa’s local businesses. And more importantly, entrepreneurs and investors see Tampa’s low unemployment rate as just one more indicator of a healthy economy that’s perfect for building a business.

The bounceback isn’t exclusive to Tampa, either: the entire state of Florida has seen recovering numbers in the last several months. This is a great sign for our local economy and our state overall, and more evidence that sunny, beautiful Florida is a great place to build a business and raise a family.

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Image: Matthew Paulson

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