Goody Goody to Open in Tampa

FUN FACT: The original Goody Goody was the first restaurant with a drive thru east of the Mississippi![tweetthis]The original Goody Goody was the first restaurant with a drive thru east of the Mississippi![/tweetthis]

You may have heard that one of Tampa Bay’s oldest restaurants is coming back very soon. Goody Goody was originally opened in 1925 on Grand Central Avenue and in 1930 on Florida Avenue and stayed in business until 2005.

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Goody Goody was known for more than its burger with secret sauce, homemade pies such as banana cream pie, butterscotch, and lemon meringue were quite possibly some of the other customer favorites.  Goody Goody also  made the movies back in 2004 when “The Punisher” filmed a few scenes. You can check out some of the photos from the scene here.


In 2014, Richard Gonzmart of Columbia Restaurant Group, announced his intent to rebuild the brand at a new location in Hyde Park area of Tampa. He purchased the rights to the name, the recipes, and even the original sign. The new location will open at 1601 W. Swann Avenue very soon! Gonzmart is promising late August with the official date to be announced soon.It will not have a drive-thru like the original location, but it will have a take out window for customers looking for a to-go option.


Goody Goody is interviewing for new staff now, as the community anxiously awaits the restaurant’s opening. Make sure to stay tuned for grand opening details to be announced soon. You can visit their company website here.

Stay tuned next week to hear about other new burger restaurants coming to the Tampa Bay area.

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14 thoughts on “Goody Goody to Open in Tampa”

  1. Although I’m not a Tampa resident (but would like to move to Florida one day), I love seeing the more “mom and pop” style restaurants and stores open for business. There seems to be a trend toward nostalgia these days, and I think it’s because people do long for a time when life was simpler and less commercial.

  2. HI Holly,

    I just got hungry reading your post! I have not been to Florida and actually have not heard of Good Goody. Sounds super yummy and definitely a place I would look for if (when) I visit Tampa! I have seen “The Punisher” multiple times – really like that movie! I love finding out neat facts like this – when I can go to a physical location that made the big screen!

  3. Goody, Goody

    Even the name is priceless. I may not seek it out, as burgers are not my thing, if however, they include fresh fruit and salads to the menu, I might just look it up when that way. If nothing else, I like to photo opportunity. What a great looking building. I must admit, I love the awning, too. A perfect way to enjoy looking out without cooking in the sun while enjoying the company of the one you’re with.

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