3 Reasons Florida And Tampa Are Great For Small Businesses


There are few decisions as important as where to build your new business. If you’re wondering if Florida might be right, you’re onto something – check out the tips below and learn about why Florida and Tampa are a great place for your small business.

It’s a place built for startups

In the last several years, Tampa has become a hotbed of startup activity as more and more entrepreneurs learn of the benefits of living and working in Florida and the Tampa area. Initiatives from places like the Tampa Bay Innovation Center and the Tampa Technology Forum offer entrepreneurs a place to gather and share ideas and support. This community spirit and momentum means that new businesses are supported and celebrated in the area.

High new business survival rate

Thanks to support from the government and more lenient tax laws, the survival rate for new businesses in Florida is much higher than elsewhere in the country. In fact, WalletHub’s most recent rankings of the best places to start a new businesses included several South Florida cities, in part because the generous support from local government and entrepreneur-focused organizations means that new businesses survive longer than the national average.

It’s a great place to raise a family

Thousands of people flock to Florida every year to enjoy the great weather, beaches, and culture. Even more call this wonderful state home, and have found it a perfect place to settle their roots and raise a family, all for a moderate cost of living. When you’re thinking of starting a business, considering your family is important. You can be sure that all your needs will be met in Florida.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll have many important decisions to make. But know that planting your roots can be a simple one: Tampa and all of Florida have the culture, support, and momentum you need to build a successful business. If you’re interested in learning more, contact me.

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