3 Ways Local Biz Can Leverage Social Media


In this day and age, social media is one of the most powerful tools for businesses. It can fuel word of mouth for your company, helping you advertise and letting you engage more deeply with your customers. So many companies have discovered ways to build their business through social media. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. What do your customers want? LISTEN!

Social media has given consumers an enormous opportunity to share their thoughts and feedback. This is a valuable tactic for them, but also a valuable tool for you: with a few simple searches, you can hear firsthand feedback about your product or service.

Try using Twitter’s advanced search tool to search for your brand, service, or product. I’ve used Twitter search to connect with a relevant target market. For example, I often search “Business Owner” with the location “Tampa, FL” to connect with entrepreneurs’ in my area.


2. Don’t Rush into It

It can be tempting to set up a page or profile for your company on every new social media site. But it’s important to think through your strategy before jumping into the next platform.

Take some time to ask who specifically you’re trying to connect with, and what your goals are for each platform you’d like to join. When you have clear answers to those questions, you’ll know it’s the right time to dive in and join the conversation in a new space.

Don’t forget to practice patience. Your social media presence will not grow overnight, and it takes a lot of effort to achieve your desired presence. Don’t be afraid to outsource!

3. Get Local

Connect with your local community and engage. Target your message to local users by optimizing your hashtags. Try “#Tampa #TPA #bucs #TampaBayLightning” & more to communicate with those in your immediate area. Searching these hashtags is a great way to discover new events, grand openings, & more in the area. The more you engage and support, the more you will receive in return. We are a community of giving, unleashing stories of the Tampa Bay Region… check out  #WeAreALLTampaBay to see exactly what I mean! 

Contact me if you’d like to talk more about how social media can boost your business. I’m always happy to connect with my community!

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