2.4 Miles of Everything Tampa

2.4 Miles of Everything Tampa

As you remember and most people know, not too long ago there wasn’t much to do along the waterfront in downtown Tampa. In 1975, the Riverwalk project was conceived by Mayor Bill Poe in 1975 as a bi-centennial event. Now, there is something for just about everyone no matter the time of day, manner of taste, level of energy or size of the wallet.

2015 has begun as a year for continual change in Tampa Bay. The Tampa Bay Riverwalk symbolizes all that is exciting and new in the area. Inspired by San Antonio’s riverwalk, the $9.2 Million promenade extends from from MacDill Park under the Kennedy Boulevard bridge to Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. With our waterfront views as an under-valued asset to the city, the Riverwalk is the first step to creating downtown stimulus and excitement that will reverberate to other areas of the city.

What I’m excited for:

Curtis Hixon Park has done a great job at bringing local flavor and events. The best part? The Plank at the Riverwalk. This pop up bar will be featured at special events, allowing patrons to grab a drink and stroll alongside the water. Additionally, open containers of beer, wine or liquor on the Riverwalk to enhance the appeal of downtown Tampa’s waterfront. The pop up bar concept was designed to encourage waterfront destinations along the Riverwalk… cheers to new developments in the Bay!

Download a printable map here!

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14 thoughts on “2.4 Miles of Everything Tampa”

  1. I love Tampa! I went to college there many years ago and it keeps a place in my heart. Gasparilla was always fun to do but since then, we’ve come back to visit and have found it to be as lovely as you describe. We spent an enjoyable afternoon in the Riverwalk area just being tourists for the day.

  2. I’ve not had the pleasure of visiting Tampa yet; but, with your virtual tour I think I would put it on my “must travel to” list of places to see. If it’s even half of what San Antonio’s Riverwalk offers I can’t wait to come and experience what Florida has to offer!

  3. My family and I are seriously thinking about moving to Florida to be near my sister. A bit of a huge thing for us as we are currently based in the UK. This gives me a little insight into Tampa. Thank you.

  4. Awesome Holly. Just moved to Houston just under 2 years ago and while we have visited San Antonio, discovered the Riverwalk, it was a Fiesta weekend so didn’t get to really enjoy it. We his SeaWorld instead. We rode our motorcycles out there so hit the hills of Hill Country (what little hills there are in Tx) instead of exploring the city and were only there for the weekend. But sounds interesting, hope you are able to enjoy it.

  5. I got lost on the riverfront when I was there for the Social Boom conference. If I hadn’t been trying to figure out a way to get to the hotel, I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more. 😉 It’s a beautiful spot and a jewel in Tampa’s crown. Thanks for the back-story.

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