How to Maximize Revenue with Your Office Space

3 ways to maximize revenue with your office space

Are you interested in expanding your office space, but not your expenses?

I’m here to share three ways you can maximize revenue with your office space. Leasing office space won’t break the bank when you keep these tips in mind!


Rent Your Extra Space

Do you have an unoccupied cubicle or conference room? You can rent it out and bring in extra cash with virtual platforms like ShareDesk and Pivotdesk. These platforms work like Airbnb, but for office space, and are a great way to network with local business professionals. “Serendipitous business opportunities, shared resources, an environment charged by an influx of new energy and ideas–these are just some of the soft benefits of being a vendor on the ShareDesk platform,” says Kia Rahmani of Sharedesk. Users (business professionals seeking rental space) pay up front for their period of interest, whether it is a day or a year. Vendors (you, with the office space) receive payment via direct deposit to your bank account, or by check.

Sources: http://www.sharedesk.net


Hold Training Classes, Seminars, or Workshops

Do you have space suitable for training or learning? Maximize your community engagement and revenue by curating a workshop or seminar specific to your niche. It could be a seminar on how to handle your finances during the holidays, a DIY home decorating workshop, or possibly training for clients to come in and learn how better to use your product. Target social media platforms to promote your workshop, and charge a fair rate. Watch your business grow while you bring in extra revenue!


Go Green

Not only does “going green” cut costs for your business, but it helps lessen your office’s impact on the Earth. Cut back your electricity bill by reducing heating and cooling costs. Adjust the thermostats in unused rooms, especially during off hours.  Keep your computers, printers, and other equipment in energy-saving mode when your workday is over. Lastly, use sites like, and to trade in old office electronics for cash.


If you want more information on how to maximize revenue in your office, or are looking for office space, reach out to me! I live here. I know here. Have a great day!

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7 thoughts on “How to Maximize Revenue with Your Office Space”

  1. Interesting article — as a home-based business, I am in the market for local space to hold classes. Of course, I’d rather trade than actually pay, but hey — that’s just me. Great tips.

  2. These are great tips too… find surrounding businesses, churches or the like that could use your space when you aren’t whether it is for meetings, classes or more.

    I offer classes and don’t pay by offering the class session to the owner of the biz a free entry into my class. win win

  3. I use a section in my home for my design studio. No need to rent space but a local business created coperative office space . Ive gone to networking events there and its great.

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