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A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Holly's Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The photo on the left – September 2019. This photo was taken a few days before my world turned upside down. When I reflect back to the day I took this picture, I see confidence and health. A few days later, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer!

The photo on the right – Feb 4, 2020 – in celebration of completing the 126-day course of chemotherapy. My hair is gone, my lashes too… brows are thin, the skin has changed, eyes look tired, nails are discolored and falling off… the list of both physical and mental changes is ever-growing.

I now have what I like to refer to as a potato belly, thanks to my endless potato cravings. 🥔

My skin smells like a salad, as a result of apple cider vinegar treatments to treat hormonal acne. 🥗

Mental and emotional changes include:

👍better daily habits
🙏🏻morning devotions
🧘🏻‍♀️practicing meditation
☎️Better communication
❤️a deeper awareness of what others may be going through
🤟a sincere appreciation for those gracious individuals who have been by my side through this whole experience.

Five months ago I would have laughed at the idea that I’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

Four months ago I endured the scariest month of my life as I went through the gruesome testing and waiting-game to an ultimate cancer diagnosis.

Three months ago I found that inner warrior who decided to take this cancer diagnosis as one of many life lessons and experiences that we don’t have much control over.

Two months ago I found myself enjoying playing with new looks, trying on hats and big earrings and learning to do eye make up techniques.

One month ago I felt the effects of the cumulative treatments wearing my body down with fatigue and weakness.

Today I started a new path. Today I woke up ready to focus on my health and my strength. I have 30 days of freedom if that’s what you want to call it. No treatments this month, only taking time to prepare my mind and body for the next phase of my journey which begins in March – surgery.

The past four months were scary, hectic, painful.

~Holly Jean

When I got diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I made the decision to not share it on social media. Obviously my friends and family knew what was going on, but I didn’t feel this overwhelming urge to blast it to the world of acquaintances, business colleagues, and strangers. I don’t really know why other then I did not want to seek out any additional attention unnecessarily. I wanted to focus on getting better.

Now that I have completed one phase of this journey, I decided to share it. But not for the attention. I decided to use this platform as an opportunity to connect with others that may be experiencing a Breast Cancer diagnosis.

That being said, I plan to gradually change the contents of my website to more about me, life, health, and I’m sure they’ll be of some business in there as well. You can read all about my experiences if you click here.

I do not intend to keep real estate the focus of this site. No, I’m not quitting my job and I’m still happy to help you with your real estate needs. But right now real estate hasn’t changed my life the way breast cancer has. Real estate is just a business, a stream of income, an industry. Many think it’s boring and unrelatable. While I am not one of those people, I DO want to make a difference. I DO want to help others in a different capacity.

Permission to Unfollow! If you are here for real estate information, I invite you to check out our corporate page at HSW Associates, Inc.

If you have read the post this far, thank you. You must be part of my tribe! And here is where I ask you for help. If someone you know was recently diagnosed with breast cancer or any cancer for that matter.… Please share this blog post with them. Please recommend my new private Facebook Group to anyone you know experiencing something similar. I would love the opportunity to connect with new people! My goal is to be a resource and use my experiences to help others.

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