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Elements of a Great Blog Post

Blogging for your business can be overwhelming, especially if you are not getting the results you are seeking. Blogging is still a crucial part of marketing most businesses, and I wanted to share some tips from my experience in blogging for my business.

To make your blog stand out from the crowd, your posts must be more than just present. So what does this look like, exactly? How do you write a great blog post every single time? They need to be great and consist of these vital elements.

An attention-grabbing headline

Good titles are interesting, descriptive, and engaging. It should read like a magazine headline or a TV newsflash, daring the reader to click the link. Before anyone reads the actual context of your post, they are going to see your headline first. Bloggers should keep a set of good headline templates for brainstorming and writing reference.

Sometimes adding emotional words to the headline will give it the added magnetism required. Spice up your headline with a word or two that will grab readers and make it stand out. People are moved to act by their emotions.

Compelling lead

When it comes to the Internet — when people’s attention spans are even more limited than with print — your opening paragraph is crucial. Don’t take forever to get to the point, and make sure there’s sufficient build up so that readers will want to know more about the information you’re presenting and appreciate it once they understand your ideas. Start off with a quote, a question, or a bold, audacious statement. You only have one shot. Make it count.

Interesting supporting points

The body is the “meat and potatoes” of your blog post. This will back up your main topic or argument. A great way to organize is to make a list of bullet points. Then, write the body of the post using these as your main sections.

The old rule said you needed to include a sufficient number of keywords into the body of your article; however, recent experience and research have shown that keyword usage and density is far less important to Google today. Google’s algorithm is smart enough now to understand what you are writing about and index your articles properly for searches. Therefore, if you’re doing a good job explaining your topic, Google will understand; you don’t have to riddle it with robotic keywords.

Powerful call-to-action

Your first step is to decide what action you want your visitors to take. It might be to make a comment. It could be to read another blog on your site or to check out a product or service you offer. You also could get a prospect’s contact information by offering exclusive content in exchange for an email address. Give them something to take away.

It may not always be easy, but you’ll have a structure for when you get stuck. Do share with us your tips on turning good content into a great blog post! All ideas, tips, and thoughts are welcome.

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