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My Favorite Tampa Bay Restaurants to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Couples looking for a romantic dinner and quality alone time will find many options to choose from in Tampa. For some, a romantic dinner is based on the type of cuisine they get to enjoy together, while for others it includes the atmosphere and entire dining experience.

Check out my favorite Tampa Bay restaurants and you may find the perfect place for your Valentine’s Day dinner.

Charley’s Steakhouse. Since its inception, Charley’s Steak House has prided itself on being a traditional steakhouse. But with the rise in a number of savvy diners, came the need to evolve the definition of ‘steakhouse’. Instituting a corporate chef and placing managing chefs at each location. Charley’s Steakhouse is billed as fine dining, and it comes very close. As a Talk of the Town restaurant, Charley’s was probably the nicest for a great special occasion and most upscale. The service is always consistent with perfection. The food is always at a standard of highest quality and bountiful flavors in many culinary aspects that most restaurants can only fantasize about achieving like Charley’s does.

Salt Rock Grill. Salt Rock Grill is a legendary beach landmark that has a burning passion for delectable food, enticing drink, and pleasurable surroundings. The place is top notch with a dock on the backside of the Intracoastal Waterway so you park your yacht and walk over to the outside tiki bar, or dine indoors. My husband and I love the outdoor tiki bar area because it is a great upscale yet casual stop on the boat. The parking is convenient as well as valet parking is available. The service is outstanding, and the menu had tremendous options. All the fish and seafood we had was fresh and tasted amazing.

Sacred Pepper. Sacred Pepper is a new see-and-be-seen spot. I visited here recently with my Dad, and was quite impressed! Upon entering the main foyer, you are instantly impressed by chic blue led lighting, modern drop down crystal pendant lights, crystal balls separating the entryway foyer from the bar, and a very open modern bar.  The bar area was set against a chic wall of moving blue bubbles, a Chihuly chandelier, a large wrap around bar, and textured wood floors.  The lighting is perfect for a romantic evening out.  Familiar recipes come alive with special touches of flavor. Drinks were awesome especially their amazing hand-crafted cocktails!

Casa Ludavico. Casa Ludavico’s setting within a home has such a comfortable and homey feel complimented by the upscale authentic Italian place and menu. This classic restaurant is an old house, so it can be a little tight in there. Food is top-of-the-line. No better place for Italian comfort food. Great wines and excellent service. It may be a little pricey but you will get a unique delicious dinner!  This local favorite restaurant is a great ‘date night’ sort of place.

Do you have a favorite Tampa restaurant not mentioned here? I would love to hear about it in the comments! Make sure to share this post with anyone looking for some great Valentine’s Day options!

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