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When you’re a new business owner starting out in a new city, it’s not always easy to find a work space that meets your needs. You could work at home, but if you have a family or lack a dedicated home office space, it might not be the most productive space for you. And you could jump in with both feet and secure an office space to work from, but this is often expensive, and it can take time to find the space that’s right for what you need.

Co-working spaces, which are becoming popular in many cities across the county, offer a unique opportunity to have some dedicated space, be productive and meet other entrepreneurs. These spaces offer the benefits of an office, with workspaces, meeting rooms and tools, but not the drain on resources that a new office requires.

Below are new co-working spaces in Tampa that could be great options for you to explore as you look to set up your business in a new city.

CoWork Tampa

CoWork Tampa, founded in 2012, bills itself as a one-of-a-kind workspace for like-minded professionals to work together. With a monthly membership, professionals have access to meeting rooms, work spaces, wifi, parking and other perks.


CoCreativ offers a different structure, with pay-as-you-go options for the flexible entrepreneur. CoCreativ also offers meeting spaces and rooms, as well as more casual, lounge spaces, and a concierge service to better meet your needs as you get settled in the space.

Oxford Exchange’s Commerce Club

On the second level of a tea and gift shop is the Commerce Club, a refined coworking space that offers working spaces, and also includes a catering menu for lunch or breakfast meetings.

When you’re looking for a space to set up shop while you get your business off the ground in Tampa, these co-working spaces could be the perfect option.

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